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Shaping Ideas Naturally

Our DNA has 45 years of experience in the field of closures for food and beverages: a long time, years of challenges to offer the right closure for any type of liquid, years spent on research, attempts, reached goals and targets to pursue.

The baggage of this long journey is a profound know-how in the field of natural and plastic materials, an high tech plant, a true love for design, the passion and inexhaustible curiosity towards the new sectors that increasingly, in the course of time, have approached us and inspired us new ideas. Plenty of ideas!

Livingcap was born in 2004 just to dedicate the right attention to these ideas, to give them a shape and a body, to make them design objects, exciting and captivating.


Much more than simply inspired by nature

We love beauty, the harmony of nature that surrounds us. 
We’re lucky: everyday, from our windows, we can observe the succession of seasons, our beloved hills rich in colorful woods, snow-capped mountains. All this is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us.

Thus we select materials with natural elements, we project objects that shall be sure, comfortable, pleasant and harmonious as all things created by nature. Every project shall be feasible by means of sustainable, low-impact productive processes. 
The sharing of this value is the essential starting point of all our partnerships.
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One of the fundamental tasks of our R&D team is selecting materials that shall reflect our sensitivity towards our planet. 
So they are projected to drastically reduce their impact on the environment,and their look is natural as if they were forged by nature itself.


We love it because it instills a sense of elegance, refinement, warmth. 
A wooden object is always exclusive: each piece has its identity, its texture is unique and not replicable. A perfect material for those who want to stand out. 

Select with us the most suitable essences for your product, then we will obtain even more original effects through our numberless customization techniques.

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It all starts in the mediterranean basin, where the cork oak grows spontaneously. 
In the Montado, the cork oak forest in portuguese, the cork is obtained from the bark of the tree.An handmade process, done exclusively in specific periods of the life of the oak, just when it is absolutely certain that no damage will be caused to this precious tree. Thus we obtain a natural, biodegradable and sustainable material, an unlimited source of possible applications.

We appreciate it  for its agreeable look, its softness, its versatility and especially because it’s a clear example of how we can work in harmony with nature, benefitting from its gifts without harming it.

Cork is available in several finishes: the precious natural mono pieced cork, the versatile agglomerate cork and micro agglomerated cork, made by micro grains.

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Global data on the presence of plastic waste in our planet are shocking: 8 million metric tons of plastic winds up in our oceans each year. 

The decrease of the use of plastic and the recycling of production scraps are a priority for us. 

Our Mixcycling® blends are the outcome of this strong exigence: plastic materials biodegradable or recyclable mixed with organic production scraps to which we give a second life.

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Our creativity is evident also in the variety of materials we select for our products. Metal, glass, stone, terracotta: the possible combinations are really numberless!

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Project development

We like imagining our R&D team in the guise of a tailor sewing a made-to-measure dress for a beautiful idea.
To reach the result, first of all we consider the disposition of the idea, then we study which of its aspects it wishes to enhance, which parts it wants to protect, which materials it wants to dress, the lines that suit it best, how the idea wants to be perceived by the market. 
During this creative process our customer is constantly involved:
Project Development
Project Development Materials Project Development Technology Project Development Design Project Development Review Project Development Sample Project Development Market

1. Idea

2. Materials

3. Technology

4. Design

5. Review

6. Sample

7. Market




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...just need to be invented

We are always excited when we have the opportunity of taking different routes with our materials, we love exploring different sectors, inventing new applications with our customers.

But our goal shall be always clear and well-defined: to create a high level design object, with a natural soul, pleasant to the sight and to the touch, and, above all, respectful to our planet.
Cosmetics & Fragrances

Cosmetics & Fragrances

Sustainability, safety, naturalness, beauty and comfort: these are the basics that inspire our creations for cosmetic packaging.
We create closures, coverings, decorations on containers already existing or in the planning phase, and we are always ready to evaluate partnerships for the development of new articles with our eco friendly materials.

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Food packaging plays a role of utmost importance: it must preserve it safely. We believe that packaging shall be captivating and comfortable too. 
Thus, for our closures and accessories for food, we select safe and certified materials and we pay close attention to design too.

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Design is fundamental in all sectors and we’re ready to explore them with our materials.
We love surrounding ourselves with creative and imaginative partners: very often customers propose us to use our materials in unexpected applications and we’re always happy to satisfy them!
The results are really exciting and the collaborations are always an enrichment!

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Mixcycling® partnership

Mixcycling® partnership

To give life to ideas and make them successful products, it’s necessary to embrace a new concept of partnership based on sharing.
A sharing of experiences. 
Actually, very often, special projects demand a continuous and inspiring exchange of know-how with our partners.
This is the fruitful kind of relationship we have with Mixcycling team: with their precious support we’ve developed innovative packaging components with a natural soul!

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Why we make the difference


We want to redefine the perception of the objects.
Thus we devote ourselves to the research of unreleased groundbreaking materials, to create high level design objects, with a natural soul, pleasant to the sight and to the touch, and, above all, respectful to our planet.

Our partnerships are based on sharing, on the mutual exchange of experiences and knowledge, to create successful products. 

Our team can be your unique reference for all the phases of your projects: from the initial concept of the product to its introduction in the market.

Our approach is proactive: we want to take control and let things happen instead of  simply adapting ourselves to a situation or waiting for something to happen. 

We are curious and never afraid of facing new sectors: we consider it an enrichment.We are flexible and resourceful, we consider each project through an unlimited vision, without any preconceptions.


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